Sailor DOC

Sailor DOC


Document Management System is the ultimate file sharing and document manager.Manage your files in the cloud with desktop-like intuitive features such as dragging files to send to contacts and groups, moving files to other folders or even deleting them.Try out the demo today, send yourself a file or move the files around just like you do on your desktop and see how easy it is touse!

Document Management System Features

Multilingual Support

Change IST file Language Fast and Easy (4 pre-builtlanguages)

File Backups

Create File Backups and Save on Server or Download for Offline Storage

Drag & Drop

Drag files to send to contacts, to move between folders or delete them


Create a Group and Send a file Quickly to multiple Contacts like Friends or Family!

Download Folders

Download an entire directory with oneclick!

Ajax File Search

Search you files instantly without refreshing the page

Group Manager

Create and Manage your Groups with Easy Dashboard

Change Password

Change your password and profile information easily

Admin Settings

Set details like Site Title and other Meta Data

Quick Rename

Click on any file or folder name to rename it

Quick Add Folders

One click lets you add new folders easily

Unlimited Users

Add as many contacts and users as you want

View Team Member Files

Grant access to any user to view your files!

User Management Panel

Manage users and add admin permissions

Disc Space Management

Set allotted disc space for each user

Password Protect Files

Require users to enter a password to download selected files

Data Statistics

See total files, download counts, and current disc space usage

Backups for Drag/Drop

Don’t like drag/drop, that’s okay we made it work without it too!

Folder Rename Fallback

Rename folders by clicking on the folder or now by clicking in the folder path

Public/ Private Registration

Turn on/off public registration to your copy of IST file

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