Sailor CTS (Cylinder Tracking System)

Sailor CTS


With Sailor Cylinder Tracking System (CTS) industrial gas manufacturers or gas distributors can now manage their large number of cylinders and/or service many customers. Gas cylinders in this business constitute the main cost. Tracking as well as watching the turnaround time of a large number of cylinders through multiple locations is beyond the capacity of manual systems, hence IdeaSailor has come up with unique solution.

Sailor CTS Modules

  • Track Cylinders

  • Vendors & Client Master

  • Cylinder Stock

  • Sales Invoice

  • Purchase Module

  • Banking & Accounts

Sailor CTS Benefits

  • 1.Reduce costs with replacement of fewer gas cylinders

  • 2.Sailor CTS report status of any given cylinder or show complete cylinder holding position of any customer along with the number of days each cylinder has been lying at a particular location.

  • 3.Sailor CTS also calculates rent for “overdue” cylinders and generates bills besides printing full record of receipts and issues of empty/filled cylinders through various points.

  • 4.Keeps track of inspection due dates and last painting date of each cylinder.

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