IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services


While the key components of any Managed Services engagement datacenter, network or service desk remain the same, the true value of such services can be realized only when the fully integrated solution is tailored to align with business context and client priorities. In short, when the rubber meets the road, one size does not fit all.

Ideasailor has mined the essence of its deep expertise over the last twenty years. We manage complex environments across industry verticals and organizations with varying maturity of IT functions and business drivers to create semi-customized, best practice-driven solutions for specific customer segments. Ideasailor's pre-built Managed Services frameworks deliver the benefits of transformation cheaper, faster and better than a bespoke approach.

Why choose Ideasailor

  • 1.End to End Infrastructure Management Services-A comprehensive approach to IT infrastructure management reduces costs significantly. Ideasailor's End to End IT Infrastructure Management Services improve application performance, provide an outcome-driven transformation road map, and ensure IT evolves with business demand.

  • 2.Managed Services in a Box-Small and medium businesses face constraints in managing IT infrastructure at par with larger companies. Ideasailor's Managed Services in-a-box provides high quality and highly flexible managed services to keep IT management overheads low.

  • 3.Hybrid IT Management Services-For hybrid IT to be effective, you must manage data and resources between internal datacenters, private Cloud, and public Cloud without affecting customer experience and service levels. A pioneer in hybrid IT, Ideasailor provides services to manage hybrid cloud seamlessly.

  • 4.SAAS Infra Management Services-To manage the IT operations of SaaS providers, the traditional model of managed services is inadequate. Ideasailor provides managed services to optimally manage the underlying SaaS infrastructure, so that you can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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