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Sailor CMS


Simplify your sales process with custom developed Sailor CMS

Get a simplified “Content Management System" with ideasailor to create, edit, and publish content for web pages and software.

With IdeaSailor CMS Solution, you cannot only manage documents and local computer files but manage content on the Web as well.

Sailor CMS Features

Editorial functionality

As a minimum requirement, a suitable CMS should give you the tools to easily create, edit, and deliver content.

Workflow, reporting, and content organization

Your CMS should also support the management of created content—from authoring, editing, and approval to publication, promotion, and reporting.
If your content operation includes a lot of multi-stage authoring and approval processes, look for CMSs that support highly adaptable and automated workflows.

Multichannel scalability

If you’re going to deliver content to many different channels, devices, and interfaces, you need a CMS that helps you do that efficiently.
That may mean you need to be able to create once and deliver anywhere or have the extensibility to add new channels with ease.

User administration

User administration helps prevent mistakes and reduce errors by ensuring only the right people can access certain functions and content.
You should choose a CMS with appropriately customizable user administration, with room to expand as your needs change.


Some CMSs integrate with strong authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
If security is a high priority for you, look for a CMS that integrates well with your chosen enterprise security provider or third-party authentication systems such as Azure AD, IdentityServer, OpenID, and Oauth.

Global delivery

Delivering high-quality content experiences for different users across the world is more complicated than simply scaling up your publishing capabilities.
If you serve an international audience (or intend to at some point) it’s important to choose a CMS that supports:Multi-language editing tools
Intuitive translation workflows
Information governance controls that comply with local regulations

Personalization and analytics

Customers are coming to expect personalized, relevant digital experiences from the businesses they interact with online.
This requires a CMS that can collect and process interaction data in real time and which operates as part of a wider, centralized customer experience management platform.

Content and commerce integration

As the online buying experience matures, and customer expectations evolve, content and commerce are becoming inextricably linked.
If your CMS needs to support e-commerce and digital marketing business functions, there’s a whole subset of specific features to look for. We cover them in detail in the full-length guide.
They include:
A single-pane-of-glass interface Migration tools to unify disparate data
Seamless and adaptable inventory handling
Next-step automation
Easy integration with payment, shipping, and tax providers
Testing capabilities

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