Does School really need Software based Management System?


No system is a better system when it is not IT enabled. This is not a phrase, It has become a staggering Realty.

With the initial Days of IT Revaluation, it became very clear that Information Technology will be great enabler to any management Solution but nobody ever thought that "The Enabler" will eventually become "The Need" for all the Management or even Solution. No operation has been spared from The Need and even our own "Vidya Mandirs"......Yes we need a IT Enabled School Operation for our Children's better Education.

We can choose the option of ignoring the fact and keep counting Vidya as Unpolluted Source of God...But are we counting Takers of the Source unpolluted with the IT Revolution as well.

No we cant as not as single kid can be found these days fighting for the Cellphone or not have a Facebook Account. Less than 20% of the parents will be untouched by IT Professions so their kidz wont be a early learners of the Technologies.

Anyway, we would focus here is on the School Management Reliability on Technologies and here are our take on the Reason the School System should be integrated complexly with Technology and why School ERP is needed most:-


Students can have e-discussions with teachers whilst preparing for their exams and get their problems resolved.

2. Everyone is ACCESIBLE every time.

All the Study Material cand be eccessed anywhere anytime


No "Yes Mam" Sound. So no mistake of Hearing Aids from here on:)


If Swiggy is making sure that your Food is GSP Tracked then why your Kidz shouldn't be GSP tracked...No always plzz.

5. Scheduling

Dont forget to have your kidz and student to have regular medical check...otherwise the Attendance record will be missed:)

6. Get everyone on same page with single click

A common interactive platform bring everyone close now.


Custom made system for all changing needs


Just imagine that Parents are getting Graphical Analysis on then Kidz learning...Seriously:))

9. Say No to Paper and Save Tree.

Just get the configuration and have a system set up with one Click.

11. Performance Tracking

Let Teacher and Parents should have detailed Tracking on students performance.

12. Less Fight in Parent Teachers' Meetings

Newsletters will help the parents to have the updates on school and will keep them happy.

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