Sailor Product

Sailor Products

IdeaSaior Technologies believes in serving its enterprise customer with cost effective IT Enterprise Products covering all the management and tactical need of the organization with affecting the existing business process of its Customers.

Sailor Product line is wide range of IT Enterprise solutions packaged in segregated as set of easy to handle, cost effective products.

Identify the need and simplifying the solutions is key to develop the Sailor Product Line. We pledge to keep innovating and serving the Enterprise customers with varied range of custom developed management solutions.


Benefits of Sailor Products:

  • 1. Sailor Product will help you to execute your management plan and new process without forcing to rewire your existing process.
  • 2. Clutter Free & Best of the User Interface.
  • 3. Customized Reports at your fingertips.
  • 4. Available with 24/7 Consulting.
  • 5. Match the Industry standards.
  • 6. Remove Unnecessary Features.
  • 7. Custom developed.
  • 8. Scalable.

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